On motherhood and animals

published Aug 21, 2007, last modified Jun 26, 2013
Motherhood is not a great accomplishment and it never has been. Animals have perfected the art of procreation, for God’s sake. Why should we become egotistical about something an insect can do?

I could not agree more. Because, you know what is really meritorious? Being a mother to an industrious, happy individual that contributes to a healthy society, instead of going around performing the impulses from his primitive reptile brain.

Oh, the above truism was "borrowed" from Violent Acres. Go read it -- the rest of the article is fantastic as well.

Come to think of it, the things V say are so elementarily true that they clash with contemporary stupidity. The simple act of pointing these things out in this dystopian society seem subversive. And for that... I dunno whether to laugh or cry anymore.