Of wars and hood ornaments

published Apr 11, 2018

The war machine does not care who you elected president.

Looks like the U.S. about to start a war with Syria; the chatter on mass media (your propaganda firehose) is parroting the exact same it did, when the U.S. started the wars on Libya, Afghanistan, and Iraq (version 1 and version 2).

As you can see, the Deep State never rests.

A bit of car history:

Most cars before the 90's sported things called "hood ornaments".  You probably don't remember any "hood ornament", because the U.S. government basically made them illegal around that time.  But, before that happened, hood ornaments were everywhere.  They were ornamental sculptures, often shaped like the logo of the car manufacturers, prominently displayed on the nose of their cars (at the time, vehicles of mastodon proportions).  It served no purpose other than to look impressive, promote the manufacturer's interests... and open real wide gashes on people who didn't cross the road "properly".  Importantly, the ornament does not control the vehicle. The driver controls the vehicle — the vehicle merely pushes the ornament into unlucky people's bodies.

Why am I talking about hood ornaments?

Because they served the exact same purpose that a president serves.  The president is a hood ornament for the mastodon behind him, and the mastodon is being driven by someone else.  That someone else is the Deep State.  Sure, the president gives the order, but he only orders what the Deep State has been planning all along.

It is no exaggeration to say that many will die, as many did in the previous wars.  While they die, many will angrily focus on the hood ornament of the U.S. government.  Those people will be wrong, because the deaths will not be the fault of the hood ornament.

If you're still focused on the hood ornament, then let me tell you: please look both ways before crossing the street, because that's about the only useful advice I can give you.