Of fake news and narrative violations

published Nov 29, 2016

The Ohio State machetero is a perfect case study.

Of fake news and narrative violations

The Ohio State carnage story is such a narrative violation.

In case you missed what happened on November 28 2015: a Muslim refugee runs over bicyclists, attacks people in Ohio State University with a machete — killing at least one of them — and finally gets stopped by a good guy with a gun.  Not only was he (a) Muslim, he also (b) was a refugee (c) was black (d) didn't use a gun (e) was an archetypal SJW.

Every element of this reality is exactly the opposite of what the professional bullshitters in media would want to be true.

Few know this, but the Society of Professional Journalists has formal mandates for journalists to disinform about Islamic terrorism.  More of you are aware that most media attack and smear gun owners whenever there's a gun attack, to the point that they even have prepackaged "stories" for the purpose, which they just recycle.  You probably already know that media wants you to believe that refugees are "noble savages"¹ whom "we" (meaning taxpayers in Western civilizations) are duty-bound to save.  You may already be aware that media also provides a constant stream of "stories" supporting the narrative that SJWism is virtuous and righteous.  And, finally, in 2016 the nearly-unanimous media message is that only white people can be evil — blacks are only disadvantaged or oppressed.

Thus, watching media imbeciles bullshit their way around their reporting of the Ohio State events — which contradict everything the bullshitters feel compelled to say — has been quite a delightful day for me.

¹ The myth of the noble savage is discussed at length in Steven Pinker's book The blank slate.