published Feb 23, 2023

What do ESG, the climate crisis, the energy crisis, 15 minute cities, low emission zones, travel shaming, farming prohibitions, eat da bugs, the oil supply crunch, COVID science, worsening health care, transsexual mutilation of teens, and CBDCs, have in common?

Lysenkoism (noun)

The doctrine that all science — and therefore all human activity, because it is all informed by science — must go through a central technocratic / ideological / political filter or lens.

This doctrine often takes the form of a council of experts or otherwise authorities who decide for everyone else what is The Science.

In a system operating under Lysenkoist doctrine, ideas that don't pass the doctrine's filter — information contradictory to The Science — must be wrong and evil, and therefore must be discarded and suppressed, often at any cost.

Reality always wins over Lysenkoism— but never without a staggering price.  In the Soviet Union alone, Lysenkoists directly caused over ten million deaths.  They did this because their doctrine made it impossible to question and revise The (bad) Science they were busy practicing and enforcing.  The doctrine, of course, also ensured they would never face justice for their deeds.

If our contemporary Lysenkoism stays the course — if it isn't stopped nowmany more than ten million will die.