My Palm T|X built in Blazer Web browser crashes

published Jun 19, 2006, last modified Jun 26, 2013

And I've decided to contact Palm Support directly to solve this issue.

Update: Found out the software conflict on my Palm T|X. It seems that running E2InternalDrive and Blazer at the same time just won't work. Other applications do just fine. To disable E2InternalDrive, all I had to do is use FileZ to change its creator code to something else, and then restart. E2InternalDrive is no longer loaded (although the memory used in the hidden volume is lost until E2InternalDrive gets activated again). In order to get E2InternalDrive functionality, I installed TXInternalDrive and YAHM.

Here's a transcript of the letter I sent them:

The Blazer Web browser (built-in on my handheld) works fine the first time it's used, but after visiting one or two Web pages, it causes a restart.

Once this has happened, Blazer cannot be opened again because every time it's opened, the device reboots.

The only solution to this problem (which is just temporary, of course) is to use FileZ to delete the Blazer Cache_.... files from the device. Once they've been deleted, I can open Blazer again, of course, only to see it fail again after one or two Web pages.

I have disabled most of the third-party software listed above (except for E2InternalDrive, which helps me house a small MP3 collection on the device until my trusty 8GB SD card arrives from the US).

Are there any Blazer or OS software updates I can apply to fix this issue?

Oh, this should not matter but I'm putting this in anyway: I'm NOT using Windows 98 as previously stated on this form.

I use Linux.

To connect to the Internet, I'm just using the Linux PPPD and the Palm TX's built-in net through cable support. This works out great. I can use other network applications like WiFile Pro without any problems, get and put files from my computer into my Palm, and the like. I can also use VersaMail without a single hitch.

I install and backup my handheld using the awesome pilot-link suite for Linux, which lets me use Evolution as my PIM suite with absolutely zero hassles.

It's embarrassing for a software company not to consider that their end-users might very well be using Linux and the giant array of software that runs with it. You should include Linux, pilot-link and Evolution as desktop software options when you make your users walk through the support forms (especially because pilot-link allows users to do way much more than your standard Palm HotSync software). And I'm definitely not about to change this wonderful suite of software for mediocre, vulnerability-laden alternatives like Windows and Outlook.

sucks! yo