Memory-holing in 2019

published Jul 09, 2019, last modified Jul 10, 2019

Check out how it looks like when the modern world seeks to preserve a narrative at all costs.

Here is video testimony to that effectFacts:

  1. Jeffrey Epstein is a monster.
  2. Bill Clinton shared multiple trips to child abuse island from Epstein.
  3. Donald Trump disassociated himself¹ from Epstein long ago.


  1. Clintons good.
  2. Trump evil.

How does this narrative get enforced on the general public?  Via memory-holing -- generally-accepted-as-trustworthy source Wikipedia gets scrubbed of references linking Epstein to the Clintons, but Trump's reference remains there:

This is a screenshot of Epstein's Wikipedia page, at 8:27 AM:

This is a screenshot of the same Epstein's Wikipedia page, at 10:30 AM:

Isn't that interesting?

¹ Trump, meanwhile, was reportedly the "only one" to help a prosecuting attorney representing one of Epstein's alleged victims. The President is also said to have booted Epstein from his Mar-a-Lago club after he was found trying to recruit underage girls.   Here is video testimony to that effect.