Humans are not a disease

published Oct 02, 2019, last modified Dec 12, 2022

I think it's time we had a talk about the "humans are a disease" meme.

One of the most enduring myths of modern age is the belief that humans are a "disease" upon planet Earth.  This analogy has endured for over a century.

For starters, you should know where this analogy comes from. It is not new — it originates from academics decades ago, who were hysterical control freaks. They repurposed Christianity's / Judaism's "original sin" story of millennia ago. These maniacs were adamantly convinced that the only way to "save Earth" (translation: save themselves) was to mass murder / mass starve / mass sterilize billions of people.  All along, their plan was to "un-eat" the fruit of the tree of knowledge — in other words, to destroy civilization.

Furthermore, every time there has been a genocide / democide, it was this exact analogy which was weaponized to condition the populace to cooperate in the mass murder. Mao said the rich peasants were a disease. Stalin said the Kulaks were a disease. Hitler said the Jews were a disease. American eugenics who implemented sterilization said the same thing. And the collaborators of all these monsters literally believed the analogy. The analogy was misused to morally justify hundreds of millions dead, and great environmental disasters too. It's plain to see, the disease isn't humans in general — it's only lying control freaks who want you miserable or dead, and your kids never to exist.

So, when you personally believe the nonsense that you are a "disease", just know that you have been primed into believing a monstrosity that has powered only genocidal maniacs' agendas.  No lives were ever saved by people who believed this — on the contrary, lives were only ever destroyed by them.  You cannot afford to believe such monumentally evil shit; it does not belong in your brain as a thinking, self-respecting, decent person.

Furthermore, the humans-as-disease analogy isn't merely inaccurate or evil. It's also a lie. It just isn't true by any measure of the imagination.

The best antidote to lies, of course, is always truth. And here is the truth:

We humans have a net positive impact on planet Earth. Thanks to us, countless living beings exist that would otherwise not. We are even greening the planet thru carbon dioxide output. Life has never been better for every member of Mankind. Today, we are the most prosperous, richest, healthiest, longest-living, kindest, most generous kind of what Humanity has ever had to brag about, in all of human history. Every single one of the doomsday predictions, from the genocidal maniacs hellbent on depopulating the Earth, has proven to have failed. As it was to be expected, since lies never come true.

Humans fucking rule; civilization is the absolute best thing ever. Full stop.

Thus, I will absolutely refuse to be shamed or to be categorized as a "disease". I did nothing wrong, and I will feel and act accordingly, no matter how loud anyone nags me. The world is mine, and I will be consistent with that belief.

And you should follow suit. Be human. Have some self-respect — don't allow this trash in your brain. Your life is not a sickness — it is a virtue. Act accordingly., when we win, do not forget that these people want you broke, dead, your kids raped and brainwashed, and they think it's funny.

— Sam Hyde