How UPS monitor was born

published Jul 20, 2004, last modified Jun 26, 2013

This is a short letter exchange with the PyGTK+ people:

You do realize you can download the reference and tutorial tarballs for offline browsing, right?

Yes. It just happens that this was my thought process:

"Well, I'm home, let's see if this time nut works right on my computer"

"Good, it's notifying me via upsc and upsmon"

"Now let's fire up knutclient"

"Shit, it doesn't work"

"tar zxvmf knutclient*gz"

"grep -r LISTVAR knutclient*"

"it should be working, why doesn't it?"

"ah, the protocol... it's changed"

"let's try to hack knutclient"

"./configure: error, you are missing some kind of shit you don't know here to get, and you don't have net access to resort to apt-get"

"well, let's develop a gui app that lets me see nice gauges"

"......crap, everything works okay, i'm missing the gui, fire up glade"

"... how do i load glade file?"

"locate pygtk | grep examples"

"konqueror /usr/share/doc/gtk-doc/"

"............30 hours after..........."


That's me.