How to determine who's robbed and who gets the loot in democratic socialism

published Dec 21, 2011, last modified Jun 26, 2013

A slightly tongue-in-cheek (yet observably true) methodology.

  1. Place a thumb tack at point A.
  2. Place a thumb tack at point B.
  3. Draw a line between the two using a piece of string.  Ensure lots of poor people, utterly dependent on you, are watching.  Promise your spectators that you'll rob everyone on the side of the line opposite to where your spectators are.
  4. Move the line repeatedly by moving the thumb tacks, until you manage to get a big cheer from your audience.
  5. Kink the string where your property is, excluding you and your "friends".

Bingo.  There's your line.  You have now discovered how to use "democratic geometry" to rob the most productive and richest, (then pocket a huge amount for yourself) and then give the (rest of the) stolen property to the poor.