The democidal evil of CDC's vaccine rollout plan

by Rudd-O published 2020/12/21 17:31:00 GMT+0, last modified 2020-12-21T17:36:28+00:00
If you take anything away from this post, remember that an extra 50 thousand people will die every month, according to their own math.

Meet Jo. Jo is a 20-something trans-something MPH who works for the CDC.  Jo is a proud American who lives on “occupied Mvskoke land”.

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Jo’s model is being used to decide who gets vaccinated in the U.S.

Jo claims to be a scientist.  Rather than use the reported vaccine efficacy (90-100%), Jo’s model used a low-ball estimate of 70%, with efficacy at 35% for adults over 65.


Jo's model also doesn't take into account the highly age-stratified risk of COVID published by the CDC.  Jo's model also doesn't take into account that the trial data shows 100% efficacy for adults over 65.

The CDC says the risk of death is 270x higher for 70+ as those aged 18-50. Jo’s model ignored the highly lethal nature of this disease to the elderly, so Jo was able to recommend that younger essential workers be prioritized above the elderly, because the elderly are whiter.

The NYT used Jo's analysis to explain why this was "fair", and now many states are implementing vaccination plans based on Jo’s model—resulting in hardly anyone over 70 being vaccinated.


Based on our current death rate, every month that those over 70 are not vaccinated, another 50K people will die. And another 12K from 50-70. Not only are these deaths tragedies in themselves, these deaths will be used by the media and unions to keep schools and businesses closed.

Jo probably doesn’t think they’re a grandma killer, because Jo probably always wears a mask, ignoring once again the CDC’s own research that shows that neither masks nor hand-washing have any real impact on a virus’s ability to spread.

Jo is a perfect example of blind obeisance, not to science, but to The Science™. Jo probably already got their vaccine and is feeling very virtuous. Not only would Jo be helping to “stop the spread”, Jo is ensuring that a more "deserving" (if low-risk) trans-person gets it, rather than some high-risk old white person.  In any sane rescue or emergency plan, the common-sense norm is that people most at-risk go first; that's not the case in Jo's democidal plan.

Jo’s work shows the deadly consequences of ignoring data and perverting science to serve an evil, hate-filled, discriminatory agenda.  Jo's work also shows how banal real-life, quotidian evil really is.  Fudge a few numbers, make a few absurd assumptions, and presto — people you've never met, but you nonetheless despise, die faster and in larger numbers.

Looks like the United States did not need socialist medicine to get the death panels it so feared.