Heath Ledger dead — guess who’s crashing his funeral to insult his family?

published Jan 24, 2008, last modified Dec 08, 2021

A church! That’s right! Westboro Baptist Church parishioners got themselves rear-row tickets with placards against gays for this funeral. Check this flyer out:


Sheesh, this doesn’t really surprise me that much, but it is pretty low even for religious people — and let the record show that I cut them some slack because you gotta be a lunatic to believe in a space ghost who has a keen interest in our peepees, hoohas and poopers.

I don’t advocate violence but, honestly, just because these bigots are way past reform and utterly empathyless, doesn’t mean we can’t scare them shitless into stopping their pickets. I swear, if some of those picketers get their skulls split in two with their own placards by Ledger’s friends and family, I for one will sleep very tight the night of the funeral.