Gullible: how religiosity 'sticks' to people

by Rudd-O published 2007/07/24 04:38:01 GMT+0, last modified 2015-07-26T20:56:05+00:00

We humans are a curious bunch. We're always asserting how independent and critical we are. The self-proclaimed skeptic at mark 4:00 is no exception:

You can clearly see the girl fancied herself a skeptic unbeliever, yet with a single touch of his hand, Derren manages to convert her. Powers of suggestion at work?

As you can see, Derren doesn't stop there.

Lesson: be ware of anyone who promises you the auspices of God. Fortunately for these fools, it was Derren instead of a money-grubbing kook like Ted Haggard or Pat Robertson.