Guess the sketch challenge? I think not.

published Feb 06, 2009, last modified Jun 26, 2013

The morons writing the game need to game up on elementary computing.

So my friends have discovered a supposedly nice Adobe Flash game in Facebook that literally copies the concept of Pictionary, named Guess the sketch challenge.  Man, I'm a fucking sucker for Pictionary, so naturally I install the app on my Facebook profile.  Oh, little did I know...

  1. The game does not work on Linux.  At all.  Nothing makes it work.  Konqueror.  Firefox.  Flash 9.  Flash 10.  Error F01: could not connect to server if I'm unlucky, a light blue screen after the splash screen if I'm luck.  You'd think a game targeting the cross-platform Flash VM would run fine across platforms, but the tards writing the game have successfully fucked up that.
  2. The game does not work if you're in certain countries. Next up, I saddled up and went hiking with my OpenVPN private network to sail the Net from the U.S.  With that, I managed to run the game on Windows.  Otherwise, the game just hangs at the loading stage, never to return.
  3. The game is unplayable even on Windows.  I run Windows on VMware.  This fucking stupid Flash game not only manages to keep one of the 2.7 GHz CPU cores in my computer pegged, it also makes it literally impossible to draw a fucking curve because it insists on freezing every half a second while you're drawing.  The screen redraws are also flickery as hell.  This on a dual core 2.7 GHz 4 GB machine with accelerated 3D video by a monstrous GeForce 8800 GT card.

We're in two fucking thousand and nine.  My computer can successfully run both Crysis 3 and Unreal Tournament absolutely fluidly, mux game audio streams and music from Amarok in real time with almost no latency, watch 1080P HD video at full frame rate, run Windows XP on a window, and do all that with desktop compositing, zoom and 3D animations in the user interface enabled.

So, if you can't make a fucking Flash game not freeze up every half a second with that much horsepower, and you call yourself a computer programmer, you should be summarily sacked from wherever you work and people should laugh their asses off when they see you on the street.

Yeah, I know, don't give me the "it's a free game" bullshit.  I myself write free applications, and whenever there's a bug in them, I handle the bug report and fix it right away.  You're either good at what you do, or you should be milking cows or on the dole.