Five reasons to watch House M.D.

published Jan 18, 2008, last modified Dec 08, 2021

Do you watch House M.D.? I do. I can't miss a single episode. I dunno about you, but here are my top five reasons to be whack about House:

  • The medicine: every single episode carries a medical mystery that (while not always accurate) is plausible and keeps me clawing at the TV. But (most interesting) you do not need to know medicine to understand House.
  • Cameron and Thirteen: gorgeous, both of them. I'm liking Thirteen more every day. But I'd tap them both any day.
  • Cuddy vs. House: he always takes potshots at her, but most of the time she delivers stunningly strong comebacks.
  • The Wilson / House dynamic: how can someone be so patient with a stubborn asshole of a friend, and at the same time be able to make the asshole think? It's about the ping-pong of ideas, insults and remarks between them.
  • Gregory House himself: he is an ugly, misogyinistic motherfucker who is always on drugs and booze, sneers at people, makes offensive jokes and remarks, hurts everyone around him, makes me crack up at least five times per episode (every single of his remarks has that kind of sideline humor embedded in it, plus the delivery both in facial expressions and tone of voice)... and he is always right, and he always wins.

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House fucking rules. It's the best TV series I've ever watched in my life.