Evolutionary biology and psychology: when ideology trumps science

published Feb 05, 2017, last modified Dec 28, 2021

Denialism of evolution is not limited to creationists — even quite a few otherwise-good scientists deny the realities of evolutionary biology. Professor Gad Saad is on point in this presentation.

Here is a fantastic slide from the talk, taken from a previous show of professor Saad:

What is ostrich parasitic syndrome?

This disorder causes a person to reject realities that are otherwise as clear as the existence of gravity.  Sufferers of OPS do not believe their lying eyes.  They construct an alternate reality known as Unicornia.  In such a world, science, reason, rules of causality, evidentiary thresholds, a near-infinite amount of data, data analytic procedures, inferential statistics, the epistemological rules inherent to the scientefic method, rules of logic, historical pattterns, daily patterns, and common sense are all rejected.  Instead, the delusional ramblings of an OPS sufferer are rooted in illusory correlations, non-existent causal links, and feel-good progressive plattitudes.  Ostrich Logic is always delivered via an air of haughty moral superiority.