Evolution isn't logical?

published Jan 29, 2007, last modified Jun 26, 2013

Logic is defined as being reasonable or having sound sense. The first sentence of an article, and the only one a sensible person could agree. Read on!

This hack job of an article titled Evolution Isn't Even Logical pretends that evolution doesn't exist. Here's the first paragraph (follow the above link if you want to read it completely).

Logic is defined as being reasonable or having sound sense. Evolution is senseless. Evolution leaves a logical person shaking their head, saying, "They can't possibly believe this," yet it is taught so dogmatically as truth today. Science interests me. Evolution is not scientific.

This is ludicrous. Here are a couple of statements I want to make to the article's author.

Do you believe your car is the result of an explosion in an automobilefactory? If you took the thousands of parts of your car, lined them upin a building, blew the building up with TNT, do you believe when thedust cleared, they will have formed a nice, shiny, brand new, perfectlyrunning automobile?

How can you equate the Big Bang with TNT? Do you have problems grasping basic physics? How do you explain the fact that everything in the Universe is slowly growing apart? Chalk it up to repeated and identical instrument errors across the globe?

What are the chances of a living cell to be formed by random processes?

Who ever said that a single cell sprang to life through "chance"? Moreover, who ever stated that the single cell is the origin of all life? Certainly not any scientist except hack jobs with cockamamie theories. Evolution doesn't posit (and never has) that everything evolved fromthe same cell. Check your facts instead of spreading lies.

This present population indicates that there have been 30 doublings (T)in history. This would carry us back to about 3500 B.C. which was thetime of Noah's flood!

Malthius may have said that population grow exponentially... but he is dead wrong. In Europe, the population is SHRINKING, and that trend is beginning to spread on developed countries. So the maths you're doing to support Noah's "ark" are based on wrong assumptions.

Today then, why can't a horse and a cow have off spring together? Or a chicken and a skunk? Or a human and a monkey?

Oh, and it's a known and observed fact that every once in a while, a new species appears through mutation (what real scientists, not your lunatic citations, call evolution).

If someone gave you a jaw bone and a few teeth, could you draw apicture of what that person looked like and be so dogmatic about itthat you would publish it as fact? The "Evolution of Man" chart issilly, not science.

Oh, by the way, you wouldn't believe how much paleontology has advanced. Yes, from a skull you can tell how a person looked in real life, didn't you know that? Oh, and a tooth is all that's needed for a lot of scientific analyses.

A car and a watch are the designs of master designers and skilledcraftsmen, not an explosion. Everybody believes that. However, thesimplest living cell is thousands of times more complex than the mostcomplex watch, ear or computer. Your body is made of trillions of thesecells. Can a logical person believe that we are the result of someexplosion billions of years ago? No, it is not sensible!

And, on your conclusions... how on Earth's name did you ever manage to jump to your lunatic conclusions? I don't see where the logical jump is on your post. Perhaps you forgot to write a paragraph? I certainly don't believe in your "watchmaker" ghost, so don't fucking include me in your glib "everybody" generalization.

Why evolution? The Bible tells us that "they did not like to God in their knowledge." People can hide behind this false theory from their personal accountability that they have to a Holy God that will judge themsomeday. It salves their conscience, but more and more the frivolity ofthis pseudo-science is being revealed and thinking people are discovering that it takes a lot LESS faith to believe in Creationism than it does in evolution.

Evolution (along with other scientific theories) does not require faith to be believed. All it requires is tangible evidence and experiments. Where are your experiments and tangible evidence that support your lunatic ravings about a ghost flipping his magic wand and wishing everything into existance?

This is the stupidest post I've read in the last two years. You made me consider unsubscribing from NewsVine. Moron prick.