Dealing with "police encounters"

published Aug 15, 2013

A very short guide with considerations for dealing with armed thugs of the costumed variety.

You must, first and foremost, understand the mindset and the wants of the sociopathic, armed bully in front of you.

Every armed thug, who imposes himself between you and your destination, sees himself as the righteous punisher; he also sees you as potential prey. He wants, craves, needs you to obey and humiliate yourself before him (he calls this "respect", even though it isn't respect at all).

He's also looking for you to do anything that he can use to rationalize graduating you from potential prey to victim. Why? Because the more victims he attacks, the better for him, since he will be rewarded by and respected amongst his superior and fellow gangsters for victimizing you.

So his behavior will be deliberately antagonistic and provocatory, to get you to (a) humiliate yourself, feeding his bully psyche (b) betray yourself and, in the process, give him an excuse to victimize you, and bumping his personal bully counter.

Therefore, you really only have two mediocre alternatives when you're confronted with these thugs:

  1. obey everything he tells you to do and say, and humiliate yourself as much as he demands, risking accidentally giving him an excuse to victimize you, or
  2. answer the bare minimum required by the crazies in black mumus, then calmly / politely explain your attorney has prohibited you from speaking to police, and calmly / politely ask if you're free to go.

Unfortunately, even if you do everything right, the thug can still choose to beat you up, electrocute you, break your arm, throw you on the floor, and kidnap you anyway. And, most likely, he will get away with it impunely, because almost everyone has been indoctrinated into believing that when one of these thugs brutalizes someone, "it must be because the victim deserved it". Regardless of how unjust your victimization is, chances are that nobody, not employers, not friends, not family, will have sympathy for you.

So, approach these beasts with caution. Try to put yourself into his shoes so you can manipulate the situation to minimize any damage they can do to you -- your criteria to do so are your own. Sometimes they steal your freedom, sometimes your health, sometimes your money, sometimes your dignity, sometimes a combination of the above... and sometimes you walk away with all four intact.