Woke permission structures

published Jan 24, 2023

A key insight into the spread and sustenance of the woke cultural Marxist ideology.

Woke permission structures

Adapted from this thread.

A permission structure is a set of ideas, concepts, and reasons implicitly held at face value, that provides a socially acceptable justification for someone to hold a set of views — and act accordingly — without losing their social standing.

Good permission structures (e.g. telling the truth is generally noble and proper or liars are generally untrustworthy assholes) allow decent people to make sense of reality and combat false / dumb / evil ideas with dignity.  Bad ideas always perish when good permission structures are in place, as said structures empower decent people to scoff at bad ideas "gah – that's some kooky bullshit" without any fear.

Bad permission structures, on the other hand, license people to hold absurd, destructive or perverse views without losing their social standing or moral authority.  Once a bad permission structure for an idiotic belief has become entrenched in a society, no matter how absurd the belief may be, said idiotic belief becomes "sticky" as the structure encourages members of that society to adopt that idiotic belief; meanwhile, those who reject that belief will feel pressure to either surrender to the belief, or lose social standing and even face dangers — either way, bullied and marginalized.

Importantly, a permission structure tends to do its work tacitly on its subject: structures are very rarely stated explicitly, more often just assumed implicitly as precepts by those captured by the structures.  Those marginalized by it often feel as if they are "surrounded by crazy people"; in a sense, that feeling is perfectly justified — in another sense, these feelings are the point of the permission structure.  "It's not just wrong of you to oppose our belief — you must also be insane to oppose it, but we're not gonna tell  you why!"

Here's a hypothetical example.  In a society where the permission structure stealing is most necessary and good is established, many thieves will be respected and defended, while anyone who opposes theft will be seen as an evil outcast whose arguments shall be rejected on the spot.  It's hard to imagine for most sane folks how crazy it must feel to vocally oppose being robbed in such a society — but that's exactly what you'd feel if you lived in it.  And your feeling would be right — depending on other permission structures in said society, someone might feel 100% licensed to physically injure you in revenge to your opposition.

Let's look at an actual, current example.  The following permission structure makes it socially acceptable to teach kids they can be "born in the wrong body" (a prima facie absurd belief), and socially dangerous to object to such an activity.  It goes more or less like this:

If someone wants to change / mutilate their body,  that's their choice, even if that someone is a child — and kind, compassionate people must not object to this.

That structure is presently a socially established bit of "reasoning" that anyone can use to justify supporting the irreversible mutilation and sterilization of a child (via a "gender transition") without losing their social standing.  The same structure cuts both ways — as it serves to falsely attack anyone who opposes such an obviously wrongheaded abomination as "evil".

Here's another example.  Belonging to a Christian religion used to be an accepted permission structure for rejecting certain woke idiocies, as recently as a decade ago. Back then, you could say: "I oppose transsexualism because of my Christian faith" — and that was a socially acceptable reason to object to transsexualism.  But now, religion has been effectively subverted or defenestrated, so it no longer provides a permission structure for holding views opposed to the Current Year's.  The Current Year has this permission structure instead: mean people shield their hate behind Christian religion; this newer structure destroyed an older permission structure that allowed you to oppose woke ideas without becoming an outcast and losing your social standing.

See how this works?

Right now the cultural Marxists own all our Western societies' permission structures.  Here's an incomplete list of prevailing structures (loosely paraphrased, not necessarily from the point of view of cultural Marxists):

  • Evil people oppose our deeply-held beliefs.  They must not be allowed to spread their ideas.
  • It is okay to be intolerant against evil people. Tolerance is good when it defends our ideas, and evil when it protects the ideas of our enemies
  • It is just when evil people are stripped of their jobs or sabotaged in any other way.  That is just a consequence of their evil being and they had it coming.
  • If you oppose mass invasion, it is because you are a racist.
  • Bigotry is unconditionally evil; however, activities that punish (no matter how nasty) enemies are definitionally not bigoted but rather virtuous themselves.
  • If you disagree with climate panic, you will cause our Mother Earth's — and our — destruction.
  • If a measure saves Mother Earth, others can certainly afford to be immiserated by it.
  • Factual correctness is not a defense for any belief that opposes our ideas.  If a correct statement conflicts with our ideas, it is still wrong, and you are mean, to point it out.
  • Conversely, if a belief is strategically convenient for us, then it is good, and anyone who rejects it must have an evil ulterior motive.
  • Economic facts are just-so stories to protect the privileged, and the privileged are our enemies.
  • No decent person could notice differences between groups — those who do must always be motivated by hatred.
  • Anyone who discusses a conspiracy theory as if it was a serious matter is insane.
  • Only mean, hateful people would oppose children being in touch with sexuality.
  • If we protest a little, and a few guys set a few shops on fire, what's the problem?  "They" stole from us, and "they" owe us — The Man can afford to lose a bit, because our riot, er, protest, is just.

Thanks to the woke permission structures currently dominating our institutions of government, education, business, arts, media, and culture, the only views which can be justified without losing social standing, being labeled a bad person, and becoming an outcast, are woke views.  These structures are precisely why demonic trannies can liberally wiggle their dongs in front of children (as seen in the numerous Drag Clown Strip Hour instances), but you lose your job if you dare to object to that — or, the horror, casually point out that a good 13% of Americans that are black happen to perpetrate 50% of all violent crime.

The legendary freakout of Carl the Cuck and AIDS Skrillex is a perfect example of the behavioral license that woke permission structures grant to wokes, when someone dares to question their beliefs.

Coming back to our most recent example: today there's no permission structure that allows anyone in higher education, government, arts, media, culture, etc to say transsexual men are not actual women or biological males shouldn't compete in women's sports without losing social standing and becoming a hated outcast.  If anything, the established permission structure justifies virulent hatred against anyone who opposes these transsexual interlopers.

This isn't just about controlling the boundaries of acceptable opinion.  It's deeper then that.  It's about manipulating the key social mechanisms that allow a view to be discussed or even entertained by someone, without that person becoming an outcast and losing both their social standing and moral authority.  In that sense, said permission structures act as a potent shield for cultural Marxist ideology.  If you are automatically rejected as a pariah when you oppose a bad idea, you have effectively no chance to show how the idea are bad, much less change a listener's mind.

Why is this important?

So long as the woke control the permission structures, the woke will control who gets moral authority, which views are socially acceptable, who has social standing... heck, even who gets to put food on their table.  As long as they control all that, they can win.

So what do we need to do?

If the tide of cultural Marxist dominance is to revert, the right and the center must first rebuild sane permission structures that provide socially acceptable justifications for rejecting woke insanity, so people can reject such nutcasery while keeping their chins up and not losing their social standing.  Sane permission structures are what's going to allow normal, everyday people, who cannot afford to lose their social standing (and thus their job, economic opportunities, and social connections) to vocally say no to wokeness with assertiveness and dignity, never having to fear the bullying of woke orcs.

If this initial step is not taken, we — society at large — will simply continue to be puppets and slaves of highly-motivated lunatics.