CoComment: awesome!

published Jan 29, 2007, last modified Dec 08, 2021

Do you comment on blogs? If you do, you'll love CoComment.

Imagine a conversation. A distributed one. Someone posts in his blog. You reply in the comments box of that blog. A couple of people respond to your comment: some in the same page, and some directly in their blogs (seamlessly tied into the original page through pingbacks).

How do you keep track of whoever responded to you afterwards?

If the answer to that question is by checking the Web site I commented on every so often, smack yourself in the head.

CoComment promises to do away with that. It's a new Web service that keeps track of the conversations you've engaged in blogs and news sites.

How does it work? It's practically like magic. On CoComment-enabled Web sites and blogs, a small, unobtrusive CoComment status bar attaches to the comment form on the Web page. Simply comment there, and CoComment will track that conversation. You just log in to CoComment to see a nimble, expandable, AJAX-powered overview of your conversations:

CoComment conversations
You can clearly see the conversations you're currently involved into. These boxes expand as you click on them.

CoComment also works as a plugin in your browser. If you have it installed, you can automatically track all of your conversations, even if the Web site doesn't support CoComment.

Evidently, social features are featured throughout the site. Just like's neighbour functionality, you automatically get commenting neighbors. You can peek on others' conversations, be them heated or cozy. You can easily get hypnotized by the service.

Give it a spin. Registration's free, and the service is a real time saver. And, of course, it's ideal for highly effective trolling. ;-)