"Climate change" and "sustainability" are enforced poverty

published Nov 17, 2021

And we're now at the stage where your climate cultist overlords are openly and concretely discussing what exact types of poverty they'll impose on you and your family.

Details just in, coming from Credit Suisse's estimates according to our source.  Their "characteristics of a sustainable way of life" have been published.  Bear in mind the context in which this is published — currently, any activities / investments / goods considered "not sustainable" are under siege, and you should expect those to be prohibited or made infinitely more expensive in the medium-term future.

Without further ado, let's get to their lunatic "sustainable lifestyle":

  • You shall only shower three times a week, for a maximum of 8 minutes.
  • Anything beyond doing laundry two hours a week is bad.
  • Chicken only twice a week, a maximum of 100 grams.  Meat is not on the allow list.  I guess you'll have to eat alfalfa and bugs.
  • Cheese only once a week, 25 grams maximum.

Let's move on to the next set of restrictions that must be imposed on you:

  • Two jeans per year.
  • Three shirts per year.

Brace yourself for the next set of restrictions:

  • 90 minutes a week of fitness / exercise.
  • You will only be allowed 2 hours of TV streaming per day.  Remember, TVs consume electricity.
  • Absolutely no video gaming.

And here's the final list of restrictions on your life:

  • Flights a year: one.  You may not fly business or first class — and don't dare thinking about flying private craft, much less flying your own airplane for fun.
  • A maximum of five treks, only in electric vehicles, and each trek only for a maximum of 1000 kilometers.

You should expect these "recommendations" to directly translate to laws and quotas that will be imposed on you by force.

Most people think that being poor means "not having money".  No — wrong.  Being poor is not being able to live a decent life.  Forcibly being made to be filthy, hungry, immobile, ascetic, and bored, are all forms of poverty imposed on you.

I hope you have now understood what exactly they mean when they say "sustainable life" — it is an euphemism that means you will be forced to be poor.