China's very own "climate change" crisis

published Nov 05, 2021

Most people do not learn this history in school.

China's very own "climate change" crisis

Adapted from Brannon's post.

Few people know that Communist China lived through their very own "climate change"-like hysteria, and that their Communist government's top-down orders to deal with the hysteria directly caused millions to die.

At the height of his first decade in power as a dictator, Mao Tse-Tung hubristically believed sparrows were destroying the nation's central plans by eating the crops.  He started a propaganda campaign to have citizens completely eradicate them.

Citizens duly complied, as people tend to do when disobedience under Communism means likely being killed.

What Mao may or may not have known — understandable, as Communists can't see past their own elongated noses — was that sparrows ate the locusts who fed on crops.

Without a natural predator, locusts multiplied and destroyed millions of acres of crops, exacerbating the famine which was already underway because of failed Marxist / Maoist economic policies.

This famine, in turn, democided millions of Chinese.

Marxists are not only divorced from economic and biological reality — their fantasies often lead to the deaths of millions too.

Keep this in mind when globohomo meddlers like WEF or IPCC tell you how we "must take immediate actions" that will obviously result in the pauperization of hundreds of millions of humans globally.  Time may show — one can hope not — how their pathological "war on bad weather" is just as idiotic and destructive as Mao's "war on birds" was.