"Carbon tax"

published Nov 29, 2018

A tax on mere existence.

— Him: Hey, we can fix global cooling global warming climate change with a carbon tax!

— Me: How exactly does that work?

— Him: It raises the cost of energy, so people will use less of it!

— Me: So people will eat less and not heat/cool their homes?  Also, they won't use their cars like they do every day?

— Him: You just don't understand. eyeroll

— Me: I understand perfectly well. It's another tax to feed the maw of the government that won't do a fucking thing to the environment. It will just make people live poorer lives, take more money out of everyone's pockets, and reduce the amount that they save.  It will also give more money and power to the government.  And since the biggest carbon emitters (China, India, etc) won't reduce their carbon output, the tax will do exactly zero to "save the planet".

— Him: It's science! You don't understand science!

— Me: I prefer not to argue with zealot cultists. Goodbye.