"But we can change government... we can vote!"

published Jan 19, 2012, last modified Jun 26, 2013

To you, the "voter": a suggestion box for slaves has never changed anything.

I want you to contemplate for a moment, what your role in society is.

Do you get to invent orders or give orders to others?  Do you get to shoot or kidnap them if they resist you?

No, right?

OK then.  Your role is to pay the salaries of the people who do that no matter how corrupt the acts of your rulers are.  If you don't pay their salaries, they put you in a cage.  You don't get to give orders to them -- they give orders to you, and if you disobey, they put you in a cage.

If you allow me the metaphor: you are the field negro, bureaucrats and police are the house negroes, and the house negroes obey Master and Master only.  And they have put up a fence that stands between you and your freedom.  The fence is your money.  The fence is your obedience.

Honest question: what power do you really have in democracy?  The power to suggest them to please behave differently every four years, which they can (and do) wipe their asses with?

What power do you think they have?  Here's what they can do to you: they can lock you up, and if you resist them, they will brutalize or execute you on the spot.

Do you honestly think you can bring a ballot box to a gunfight?

Do you honestly think that a pitiful attempt to manipulate a "lawmaker" (with phone calls, or letters, or empty threats that you "won't vote" for them) even remotely compares to the power that they have, of making up a "crime" out of thin air, then send costumed armed goons to lock you up in a rape cage?  Ha!  By the time you execute on your "threats", years will have passed, their evils will have already been perpetrated, and they'll be long gone, pockets stuffed with millions of dollars of your money... never having had to worry about nobodies like you.

Please, understand: you are a nobody to them.  They don't have to pay you -- you have to pay them.  They don't have to obey you -- you have to obey them.  Despite the lies they told you in school, you do not rule them -- they rule you.   Praying with papers in front of a suggestion box for slaves does not change that.

How can you combat an evil if you have a thoroughly distorted perception of what is within your power to do?

Wake up.