"But Fidel gave health and education to his people!"

published Nov 28, 2016

So what?

"But Fidel gave health and education to his people!"

Really?  OK, cool.

Let me tell you something: Hitler's regime gave us the Volkswagen, the Autobahn, modern rocketry that propelled Mankind to the Moon, magnetic recorders that predated cassettes and VHS, and an uncountable number of medical advances.

So I ask: what's your point?  Do you have a valid conclusion?  Or do you just play obscurantism because you want to apologize for democide?

I ask this because what you've said about Fidel Castro, even if true, is not a defense of his actions.  Farmers also give health to their beasts of burden and cattle, and protect their newborns when said beasts give birth.  But farmers don't do these things out of love or abnegation — they do these things because they consider the beasts their property and they expect to profit from them.  And farmers also murder any beast which poses a danger to their own existence.

As you can see, farmers and dictators behave exactly the same in this respect.  With a small difference, of course: in the case of a dictator, the beast is you.