Barbarism is incompatible with civilization

published Jul 19, 2016, last modified Dec 28, 2021

I'm beginning to understand the importance of Hans-Hermann Hoppe's "physically remove" comment.

Barbarism is incompatible with civilization
Würzburg, Germany — a train covered in blood after 20 people were axed.

The city where my brother lives — a travel nexus for Muslim immigrants from the Middle East — has just experienced an axe murderer attack: a 17 year old Muslim Afghani went on an Allahu Akbar rampage and axed 20 people, 4 of which remain in critical condition.  See that picture here?  That's how the train looks like now.

Now, we do not need to be geniuses to understand that the increase in terror attacks within Europe can be directly linked to the mass immigration of Muslims from the Middle East and Africa. We just need to look at the perpetrators of the attacks, and what they have — in many, many cases — explicitly said they stand for.  We only need to look at their demographics — overwhelmingly fighting-age men.

We also need not be geniuses to accept that said immigration (along with its consequences) is a deliberate policy decision of the EU States, whether it be France or Germany or any other nation.  They have told the world that this is what they want to do, they have given us the pretext that it's for humanitarian reasons.

After this post, you will be able to call that bullshit.  The following short video was made years ago, but it remains current today.  In the video, the presenter explains why trying to help people from ruined nations by importing them into the First World is a fool's errand:

We also know that the organs of communication — mass media, and now social media too — are systematically censoring and misrepresenting facts that would lead any normal person to reach these two conclusions above, misleading people with emotions that predispose them against these facts, and attacking those who speak up.  So shameless is the deception, that the documentary on the Cologne mass sexual assaults (2000 immigrants inflicting Taharrush on 1200 women during New Year's eve, the largest rapefest I have ever heard of of the last 10 years in the First World) actually depicted the attackers as Germans.  Importantly, we do not need to know who exactly is behind this deceit, before we call it deceit — just like we don't need to know who the murderer is, before we declare the corpse on the floor a dead person.

Finally, we do know quite a bit about the human brain, how it develops, and how a person's actions are informed by their beliefs.  This understanding is, in fact, the key to resolve the problem.

It's true that people can, and often do, change their cultural norms just by virtue of moving to a different place. But not everyone, and not all cultural beliefs, are susceptible to this evolution. It really does depend on how ingrained one's cultural belief really is, and the methods used to plant that belief in the carrier's mind.

A child who absorbed a brutal sociopolitical or religious ideology, however cruelly it was inflicted on them — rape, assault, warfare, brainwashing — is probably not a person that will become an adult prepared for a peaceful, private civil society ¹.  Such a child turned adult is probably not even prepared to understand "humanitarianism" — all that person can mentally fall back to, is the sociopathy of brutally imposing their own will, because that's what they learned, that's what they lived, and that's what their ideology tells them. The toxic waste of their ideology should have been prevented from entering that person's mind as a child. That is the only way that principled ideas compatible with humanity can occupy that space of learning in their mind.  This simple reality is true for men and women of all races.

At 17, at 42, at 35, it's too late already. That ideology of brutality has already secured the mind of a strong man, and could cause him to become a violent murderous maniac at the slightest provocation. I say "could" hypothetically, but it's very much real — 20 people have been axed by a murderous maniac, informed by what he learned to be righteous in the hellhole he was brought from.

Our minds are not blank slates; that goes doubly so for whomever got their own mind slate scribbled with brutality.  We must admit that brutal ideologies are incompatible with civilization.

So, we know for sure that:

  1. Your rulers have decided to import people infected by an extremely toxic and violent ideology.
  2. Your rulers' actions are not accidental: they are very much deliberate.
  3. Their pretext for doing so contradicts even basic math.
  4. Someone wants you to remain ignorant about the consequences of your rulers' actions.
  5. This is undoubtedly turning, not just into an absurd economic burden, but also into a actual bloodbath for many First World nations.
  6. This bloodbath was predictable to anyone who understands that people whose minds are branded with evil cannot be unbranded.
  7. There appears to be no consequence, no matter how gruesome and malevolent, that has prompted your rulers to reconsider their decision.

You know, there comes a time where you have to admit that you have been set up to fail, and that the people who rule you clearly don't give one shit about your well-being. There comes a time to remember that a society made prosperous and peaceful by truth and principle, cannot survive people inflicting deceit and brutality on it.

It's time to admit that the scumbags ruling Germany, Sweden, France and all other European nations part of this program of suicidal death — the liars who told you all that importing violent refugees wholesale into a mostly peaceful region would be "humanitarian", and who defamed you as evil when you rejected this pretext — they are not just complete idiots who can't do math (see video), they are also active participants in the infection of their society with that ideology of brutality they are importing.  Whether they knew current events were going to result from that action or not, they are unfit to rule, and even unfit to partake from the society they undeservedly rule.  Just like a person who brings a lion into a neighborhood, they are to blame for everyone who got mauled.  They are the true cause of the problem.

Yes, it's certainly time to physically remove every violent, ideologically spoiled troublemaker.

But it's even more certain that the time has come to physically remove those who unleashed the brutality in the first place.

¹ The bomb in the brain — a series of presentations about the development of the human brain and its effects on violence.