Astrology is bullshit

published Apr 23, 2008, last modified Jun 26, 2013
For several decades, researchers tracked more than 2,000 people - most of them born within minutes of each other. According to astrology, the subject should have had very similar traits.
Its central claim - that our human characteristics are moulded by the influence of the Sun, Moon and planets at the time of our birth - appears to have been debunked once and for all and beyond doubt by the most thorough scientific study ever made into it.

So astrology is bullshit, bullshit, bullshit. Always has been, always will be. Don't fall into the scam.

But wait, there's more:

Dr Dean said the results undermined the claims of astrologers, who typically work with birth data far less precise than that used in the study. "They sometimes argue that times of birth just a minute apart can make all the difference by altering what they call the 'house cusps'," he said. "But in their work, they are happy to take whatever time they can get from a client."

Bullshitty bullshit is bullshitty. Scammy scammers are scammy. Stop paying money to these ass-trologers.