A common trait of dishonest people

published Jan 18, 2017, last modified Jan 19, 2017

Dishonest people who wrong you, always prefer to stop talking to you and stonewall you, rather than admit that they wronged you and apologize.

You'll see this in business, when debtors sneak as hard as possible away from collectors.

You'll see this in friends, when friends wrong you and then ditch you.

You'll see this in romance, when you are two-timed by someone else.

For some people, regrettably, it's much easier to lie to themselves — completely rewrite history in their heads, rationalize their wrongdoing, flip their blame onto you, seek the counsel of liar "friends" to hear "feel-good lies" — than to come clean, be honest, and make amends.

Between having a person like this in your life, and being alone, trust me: you are better off alone.