11 truths about Julian Assange's persecution

published Apr 11, 2019

Fake news stop here.

11 truths about Julian Assange's persecution

Quick Julian Assange fact sheet, to combat the fake news going around:

  1. No nation has formally or informally accused him of espionage or treason. He has committed no demonstrated crime.
  2. Assange was accused 9 years ago of rape in Sweden. The two accusers quickly withdrew their accusations. Even Sweden dropped the charges in 2017. The charges were obviously fabricated to lure him to go to Sweden (soon it'll become clear why).
  3. At the time, he offered to be interrogated by Swedish police at the time to clear his name, under the simple condition that they would not extradite him to the U.S.
  4. Sweden denied his request, even though it's totally absurd to be extradited to America for a crime committed in Sweden, and the U.S., so it should have been trivial to say "yes, you will be safe here".
  5. Clearly then, Assange suspected the U.S. wanted to (legally or illegally) kidnap him. Thus, he sought asylum in the Ecuadorian embassy.
  6. Throughout this ordeal, the Australian government -- dutifully subservient to everything America orders -- revoked his passport too.
  7. The U.K. would later fabricate a criminal charge of skipping bail. This is also absurd, since he was never arraigned in any U.K. court for any criminal charges, much less bail proceedings after arraignment.
  8. Earlier this year it was revealed that the United States had started a secret trial against Assange, without him knowing;  we only know this because a dossier with the preparation for the trial leaked accidentally.
    1. In what free nation is a secret trial considered just?
    2. This showed conclusively that Assange was right to fear for his freedom all along.
  9. Throughout these eight years, numerous politicians in the U.S. have openly expressed the desire to simply assassinate Assange, without any due process.
  10. After the U.S. negotiating with Ecuador, the U.K. have finally forcefully taken Assange from the embassy under these fabricated charges, brazenly violating national (Ecuadorian / British / American) and international laws.  The process is so blatantly illegal, that his asylum was revoked after the fact by the Ecuadorian government.
  11. The next (likely) step is that he will be extradited to the United States... just like he suspected eight years ago.

Julian Assange is a political prisoner, prosecuted in revenge for the moral courage of embarrassing the U.S. government, military, and espionage agencies. That's the simple truth.  Those of us who followed his case have known this for close to nine years.  The United States has tried every possible way to make his life miserable, or even nonexistent, since he published Manning's leaks that showed us how profoundly evil American wars were. It is a very lopsided fight between a guy who showed us some truth, and evil people who want to shut him up at all costs.

On a more personal note: you may or may not like the guy personally.  But if you are cheering for what is being done to him, you are cheering for arbitrary, egregious injustice; you're cheering for lies, you're cheering for murder, you're cheering for evil.