Más sobre la música y los derechos

publicado 02/08/2001, Última modificación 26/06/2013

Un secretito que las disqueras no quieren que sepamos es, cito:

1992 Audio Home Recording Act (Score:1)

by snipy on Thursday August 02, @01:59PM EST (Comment #14) (Send a private note to snipy)

It’s legal for me to copy a track off a cd that I bought in order to make a compilation CD, right? That’s fair use, right?

Actually, under the 1992 Audio Home Recording Act, which is still in effect, even though the RIAA seems to think it isn’t, it is fair use for you to copy the whole damn CD! even for a friend! even for two friends! In fact, the only thing you can’t do is make multiple copies and sell it. The 1992 act settled the whole fair use debate, and made clear that "fair use" includes copying music for folks you know. So, this latest anti-piracy initiative actually helps get rid of a provision the RIAA would love to undermine, even though they agreed to it less than a decade ago.

… tomado del foro en respuesta a la campaña Sony de creación de CDs antipirata que dañan algunos equipos de sonido.