House: all in

publicado 10/04/2007, Última modificación 08/12/2021

I just watched House M.D.'s episode All in, on Universal Channel.

Good episode. If you want a review, you won't find it here, so just read the linked article -- I'm gonna talk about House M.D. in general.

House M.D. promo snapshot

I absolutely love that series. I mean, what's not to love? A diagnostician (doctor) who's:

  1. ugly-ass
  2. completely devoid of any desire to project humanity towards others
  3. persistent in unethical acts
  4. drug-addicted to Vicodin and, most importantly
  5. always does what he thinks -- and he's always right

And, of course, a gorgeous blonde doctor (played by Jennifer Morrison, which is a gorgeous -- darn, she's married -- woman in real life). Did I mention that Sela Ward was on a couple episodes from the first season? She's gorgeous too.

Definitely my kind of series.

On another side, I'll quote Patrick at Polite Dissent, as saying:

Fantastic site. When I watch House I usually pull up wikipedia andstart looking up the terms they are using. I went to the show’s page onwikipedia and came across your site in the external links. What a greatfind.

I do that too!