The IRS wants to spy on cryptocurrency users and people interested in cryptocurrency

by Rudd-O published 2019/07/09 19:18:00 GMT+0, last modified 2019-07-09T19:30:55+00:00
And they plan to do so in the most deceptive of ways.

Source: this tweetstorm.  Don't forget to download the slides!  (Here is the original link to the slides.)  Start at page numbered 94 for the creepy details.

I recently got hold of a presentation given to special agents in the IRS Criminal Investigation division that discussed investigating taxpayers who hold crypto.

I went through all of the 181 horribly formatted slides (attached for reference haha) and here's what I learned...

Screenshot_2019-07-09 Crypto Tax Girl on Twitter I recently got hold of a presentation given to special agents in the IRS C[...].jpg

The IRS plans to use interviews, open-source searches, electronic surveillance, social media searches, and Grand Jury subpoenas given to a variety of companies.

You would think that these subpoenas would be served to crypto exchanges, but the IRS plans on serving them to Apple, Google, and Microsoft in order to search through taxpayers' download history to see if they have ever downloaded cryptocurrency applications.

Screenshot_2019-07-09 2019-25765_TNTDocs_CI-Cyber-Crimes_PDFONLY pdf.pngYes, they want your browser and download history, and they want you to remain completely ignorant that they got it.

Another slide mentions that the agents should be sure not to notify the taxpayer about the obtainment of information regarding their use of bitcoin, because such notification could be detrimental to the investigation.